Montell jordan somethin for the honeys

I got Thompsons I got investors yeah I get sponsors uh They scared of the crew scared I'm with monsters what. I get the 5 to the 6 7 digits, call her up on my cellular And all the shit that i say to her, The fun will begin when i hit the Jadakiss] Yo, you know I love to style on ya, blue caliber Butterfly doors on the triple black challenger And I'm still in and out, got it so I'm spendin out Dope boy, so I never have a problem in a drought Don't take, too much work if you can't manage that Just in case you run out of empties, use sandwich bags Play with the hand you was dealt That's why I ride the track 'til it melt I could care less how you feel, how you felt I done spent niggaz rent money on belts Threesomes in the trunk, I'm fuckin for the wealth And the hood ask about me, I'm somethin else [Chorus:.

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